R&R Available Now

31st Jul 2017

ITS are happy to announce the release of version of our Resource Booking solution, R&R. This release introduces several new features and enhancements:

Create a Bundle This release introduces a new concept of Bundles which replaces Related Items. When making a reservation users will now be presented with the option 'Create a Bundle' instead of the current 'Add Related Items'.

Suggested Bundles This new option expands on how the 'Related Items' feature worked by suggesting to users a bundle they may wish to book alongside the main resource. Bundles are compiled by administrators and are designed to make the selection of connected items quicker. For example, if the main resource being booked is a digital camera you may wish to compile a suggested bundle containing a tripod, camera case and SD card. If no suggested bundle fits the users requirements they are able to compile their own.

Resource Type Bookable in Bundle Only We have introduced a new option at the Resource Type level to make certain items bookable in bundle only. On the Booking Wizard/Mobile they will not appear and on the Booking Grid they will appear as view only.

Linked Resource Type Related Resource Types has been renamed as Linked Resource Types.

Report Enhancements Based on customer feedback we have added, where applicable, the ability to see who issued a resource, who checked in a resource and who authorised a resource to the following reports when in detail view:

Stock Status Report Due to customer demand we have added (if used) the resource barcodes which will now appear in the Stock Status report.

Enhanced Search Field on Booking Grid The search field in the booking grid has been enhanced for staff to now search for resource name and matches on characters in the name.

Resize Pooled Resource on Booking Grid The last release of R&R introduced a new look to the grid and pooled resources. Based on customer feedback we have now enhanced this further to allow the pooled items to be resized. This is saved as a preference for the user.

Preparation Time and No Shows When Preparation time is being used and the item is not collected the assigned preparation time to the next booking will be removed. As the resource was not used preparation is no longer required.  

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