Introducing Umango 20

9th Jun 2020

​Now, we're very excited to announce the release of Umango's most powerful product yet, Umango 20.

Version 20: What's new?

Extract and Convert in one place:

With the introduction of Umango Version 20, two of Umango's most powerful tools, Extract and Convert, can now be found on the ultimate, all-in-one solution,

Job Wizards

Because of Umango's focus on ease of-use for their version 20 product, Job Wizards can now be installed and deployed in less than 2 minutes.

New UI

Umango 20 features a brand new User Interface with a simplistic and sleak design, heavily focused on providing users with a modern and stress-free experience.

Integration with PaperCut

Umango 20 is also fully compatible with PaperCut MF,

For more information regarding Umango 20 click here

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