Introducing Onelog 11

30th Jul 2020

We are excited to announce the release of Onelog 11 introducing a number of key new features and enhancements to Online Resource Management Solution.  Onelog 11 provides users with brand new interactive dashboard reports and a faster reports engine overall, as well as a refreshed user interface with new designs to improve workflow. We've also added a new tool to monitor server performance, as well as the option of selectable time zones.

Info Technology Supply Ltd. (ITS) is pleased to announce the release of Onelog 11.

We've been working tirelessly throughout the year to continue to enhance Onelog, creating Version 11 with the vision of further establishing our product, with added features and user-friendly tweaks to provide the user with an even more effective Online Resource Management Solution.

What's new with Onelog 11?

Our latest update has a whole range of exciting features, including a brand new interactive dashboard reports system, to track and visualise your key business metrics. We've also made some subtle tweaks to Onelog's User Interface and added performance monitoring to ensure your service is running smoothly. Keep on reading to hear what else is new with Onelog 11.

Brand New interactive dashboard reports.

Understanding your resource usage is a central point to the Onelog product. Because of this, we've created new interactive dashboard reports to make it even easier to recognise exactly how and where your resources are is being used.

The interactive dashboard gives users the options to track, analyse and monitor with visual displays to show key business metrics.

A better looking Onelog

We're constantly looking to improve the look and feel of our product for users. Onelog 11 introduces a cleaner, refreshed look throughout the interface, as well as brand new designs for the admin reports.

Performance Monitoring

Want to know exactly how well your servers are running? Onelog 11 provides users with a brand new tool to monitor server performance, ensuring they are running smoothly and your experience with Onelog is as productive as possible.

Time Zone Reports

Good news for customers operating Onelog across multiple time zones. Selectable time zones can now be set for different regions(or one time zone set across Onelog) allowing reports to be run regardless of which country you are in.

The full list of features:

Find out more about Onelog 11 here

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