Faronics Deep Freeze Mac Cloud for APFS Available Now

25th Apr 2019

We are happy to announce that Faronics have released Deep Freeze Mac Cloud for APFS

Key Points:

1) The Policy page for Mac has two different settings for Deep Freeze Mac - one for HFS+ and one for APFS. Deep Freeze will now select the appropriate settings based on the file system detected on the computer.

2) There are two Cloud Agents for Mac now, v2.01 is for HFS+ and v3.00 is for APFS. Deep Freeze will automatically detect the file system and install the appropriate Cloud Agent.

3) Administrators can now manage ThawSpace configurations under APFS settings. HFS+ settings do not support the management of ThawSpaces, however, these can be configured locally.

4) The Cloud Version of Deep Freeze Mac APFS introduces new technology that allows settings on a Frozen volume to be saved. Thawing the computer is no longer required to make most configuration changes and there is even a new local interface!

5) If "Allow user to change settings" is selected under Passwords in Deep Freeze Cloud, the computer interface will be displayed as Read-Only and a message will be shown at the bottom - "Update your policy settings in Deep Freeze Cloud to make local changes".

6) On-Premise Deep Freeze Mac customers can still easily migrate to the Cloud if the Cloud Agent is installed on the computer and "Convert Deep Freeze Mac On-Premise to subscription..." is checked in the policy. Contact Us for more details.

7) Deep Freeze Dashboard and Deep Freeze On-Demand are still available for this new version of Deep Freeze Mac APFS.

Additional Notes:

If you have any questions regarding these updates, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be delighted to assist.

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