Faronics Deep Freeze Cloud Update Available Now

26th Mar 2019

We are delighted to announce that several enhancements have been introduced and are now available.

Create Administrators with limited permissions under User Management:

Features or services such as Deep Freeze or Power Save can now be enabled or disabled for Administrators who can also now be restricted from adding users to the Cloud Console. When restricted, they are presented with read-only access to these features.

Task Status Enhancements:

The page now automatically refreshes every 2 minutes but can also be refreshed manually by clicking the REFRESH button. Columns for 'Computer Last Reported' and 'Completed at' have also been added.

Enhancements to Groups feature:

Under Computers:

Full list of groups and sub-groups is now displayed when using the filter function in the Groups column.

In the Move to Group action the Enforced Policy assigned for each group is now displayed in the drop-down list.

Under Groups:

Displays the groups and its sub-groups and the total number of computers belonging to each group and sub-group.

Deep Freeze Cache for Windows Updates:

On Windows 10 a drive letter is now assigned to the cache folder.

Deep Freeze Dashboard:

This is now available for the 'Limited Deep Freeze Administrator' permission type.

Computers Toolbar:

Tooltips have now been added for all actions available on the Computers toolbar.

Desktop Policy:

The policy page will remain after saving the policy instead of redirecting to the Policies List page. This will also display a confirmation of what action was selected while saving.

Deep Freeze MDM:

The ability to block FaceTime on iOS devices has been introduced along with support for iOS 12.

If you have any questions regarding these updates, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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