Deep Freeze Enterprise 8.50 Available Now

2nd Oct 2017

ITS are pleased to announce that Deep Freeze Enterprise is now available and introduces several new enhancements.

Easily Add ThawSpaces

With this release it is no longer necessary to reinstall Deep Freeze when you wish to add a new ThawSpace - ThawSpaces can be configured at any time or added on the next thawed restart.

Delete ThawSpaces

The Console toolbar now includes a new Delete ThawSpace action (in addition to Format ThawSpace). A new DFC switch /deletethawspace has been added as well.

Thawed Alerts

Ever forget to Freeze a computer and wonder how long it was thawed for? With this release you can now specify the length of time after which a thawed workstation turns red. The new "Thawed For" column is now available to display how long a workstation was thawed for.

Combination Scheduler Task

As many customers often chain scheduled tasks like (1) Wake-On-Lan, (2) Send Message, (3) Run Windows Update, (4) Shutdown, this release introduces a new Combination Task to make it easier. The new Combination Task allows the creation of a single Scheduler task to chain up to 5 scheduler tasks so you don't have to change multiple tasks when the unexpected happens.

Client Update and More Scheduler tasks

In order to provide more flexibility to administrators it is now possible to schedule tasks such as upgrading Deep Freeze clients whenever a new version is available. Additional tasks added to the console Scheduler include; Format ThawSpace, Push & Launch and Remote Launch.

Retain Windows Event Logs

Under the Advanced tab a new checkbox has been added to easily retain Windows event logs. Deep Freeze will allocate 100MB to retain Application, System, Security and Hardware event logs.

Attempt Local Wakeup

A new checkbox has been introduced "Attempt to wake-up locally" to automatically attempt to wakeup workstations locally before scheduled workstation tasks.

Configuration Workflow Enhancement

It is no longer necessary to name the Deep Freeze configuration after clicking OK. Simply specify the Configuration Name at the bottom of the interface. Users are also provided with an option to export the configuration as an Installer or Seed so first-time users are not confused about the next steps.

New Console Columns

In addition to the "Thawed For" column this release also introduces a "ThawSpace Free" column to display available ThawSpaces along with how much free space is available. OS Build numbers are also now displayed in the OS column.

Remember Text Inputs

The Enterprise Console now displays the last 10 inputs for Send Message, Push & Launch and Remote Launch so administrators no longer need to retype the same messages or commands.

Upgrade Notification

For releases after v8.5 it will be possible to receive in-console notifications when a new version is released, review the release notes, download the latest installer and automatically upgrade your console.

Additional Enhancements:

•New DFC switches - 1) /deletethawspace 2) /formatthawspace 3) /shutdown parameter for /endtask

•Upsize Windows update cache - Windows update cache is now automatically increased to 10GB without requiring a new installation

•Console support depreciation - This version deprecates Enterprise Console support for Windows XP and Server 2003.

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