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Deep Freeze Cloud Update Available Now

21st Nov 2016

ITS are happy to announce that an update for Deep Freeze Cloud was recently released including speed enhancements and a live technical support chat option.

Smarter Cloud Agent Updates

Cloud Agent "modules" can now update automatically in the background and address any significant issues without ever troubling you to upgrade the agent.

Technical Support Chat

The Feedback button has now been replaced by the bugle icon and a new Live Chat icon has been introduced which lets you chat directly with the Faronics technical support team. If not available for live chat the icon will appear grey.

New Computers Grid

A brand new grid control has been introduced that allows you to enter search parameters and filter the results. You can also choose which columns are displayed and filter these by the individual column filters and conditional parameters.

Power Save Policy Configuration Report

Due to customer demand this Core report has now been brought into Deep Freeze Cloud. The report summarises all the Power Save Schedule settings along with the associated Power Events.

Deployment and Download Speed Boosts

Several enhancements have been made to the way the installers are created and deployed from the cloud to make the Deep Freeze download speeds significantly faster.

Support for macOS Sierra 10.12

This release now supports macOS Sierra 10.12 for Deep Freeze Mac

Mobile Alerts in Deep Freeze Administrator Mobile App

Alerts can be configured via alert settings in the Deep Freeze Cloud console to set up push notifications when Anti-Virus threats occur on endpoints. Multiple levels of security threats can be tracked allowing immediate action to be taken. Deep Freeze Cloud Relay is also no longer required to perform On-Demand actions.

Inherit Settings from Faronics Default Policy

Policies can now be configured to inherit settings from the Faronics Default policy to quickly distribute your setting changes across multiple policies. Settings can be inherited individually per service and for the Maintenance Period. The old Enable Service checkbox has been replaced with a drop-down menu for each service.

Configure Proxy Server Connection

If you are using a proxy server to connect to the internet you are now able to specify the credentials in Deep Freeze Cloud. The proxy server settings will allow Deep Freeze Cloud to communicate with the Cloud Agent for executing commands from Deep Freeze Cloud, update applications via the Software Updater Service and update virus definitions for the Anti-Virus Service. The proxy settings will be inherited from the AV policy if they have already been specified.

Please Note: Both the Cloud Relay and Cache Server for AV and SU are not yet supported to communicate via proxy but are in development.

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