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Monitoring usage data for your online resources. Why it matters.

Online resources, they're essential, but they can also be a handful, especially if you are unsure of how best to implement them, or are unaware of how they are being used within your company. Electronic Resource Management Solutions use their own tracking metrics to gather unique and customisable reports on all the online resources you are currently using within your company, but why are usage statistics useful to have? And how can they help? Let's find out. 

Use reports to prove ROI of currently used resources

A subscription to an online resource can be expensive, so being able to track whether or not it is an effective tool across your company is essential. By using an online resource management system like Onelog, which allows users to track who is using these resources and how they are using them, you can get a better understanding of whether or not you are getting any ROI by using them. 

Identify underused resources and reduce costs

Managing your online resources can be a simple way to help streamline your company's workflow that helps reduce the amount of online spending in the process. Without an Electronic Resource Management System, companies can spend years paying subscriptions to old websites and resources that are not being used by any of their staff, simply because they do not have the usage statistics to show whether or not they still need them. By reviewing and analysing usage statistics you can free your resource space (and bank account) from expensive and underutilised programmes. 

Recognise where resources are better implemented

Some resource management solutions, like Onelog, give you the option to draw usage data dependent on a user, group or location. Why you ask? Well, understanding how resources are used within your company may mean using them differently for each user, department or region. These may vary greatly depending on any number of factors and so being able to identify where these resources are being implemented best may lead to more efficient use company-wide.

For more information on usage statistics for online resources, check out Onelog.