to the ITS website where you can view our range of innovative IT solutions which are suitable for many organisational types. For the past 30 years we have built and designed IT software to meet the demands of our wide customer base. We offer solutions to cover the following areas:

Featured products

Umango Extract Extracting information from scanned paperwork

Provides a powerful, easy to configure and use batch scanning solution. Offers a flexible range of options for extracting information from your images and paperwork. Includes TWAIN scanning and embedded MFP functionality (on supported devices).

Umango Convert Document converting and routing

Provides a powerful, easy to configure document converting and routing solution that offers a flexible range of options for converting your existing electronic files and scanned paperwork. Includes watch folder, email address and embedded MFP functionality (on supported devices).

PrintAlerts Print Fleet Management

PrintAlerts is a cloud based solution which remotely monitors and provides intelligence on your fleet of devices to reduce operating costs, maximise resource usage and generate more profit.

Securly Web Filtering

Securly is the first web filter to be completely designed from the ground up especially for school environments.

Onelog Electronic Resource Management

Onelog is the leading electronic resource management solution, automating connections, passwords, reports and cost recovery.

MyPC Computer Booking & Access Management

MyPC is the leading web based computer booking solution which provides complete control over shared computer resource usage.

PaperCut Print and Copy Output Control

Track, control and optionally charge for printing, copying, scanning and faxing. Reduce paper and toner usage, cuts costs and minimise the environmental impact of printing.

R&R Resource Booking & Access Management

R&R is a web-based resource booking solution that provides organisations with complete control over the resources they wish users to be able to book.

Faronics Deep Freeze Reboot to Restore Software

Deep Freeze provides the ultimate workstation protection by removing any changes users make to your computers and returning them to your chosen configuration with a simple restart.

Lanschool Simple, Reliable Classroom Management

Demonstrate, Monitor, Remove Distractions and Assess Student Progress on Macs, Windows, Thin Clients, iOS, Android and Chromebooks.

What our customers say

We tried LanSchool and we fell in love!

Our company specialises in photography classes and we needed to be able to show computer screens running Adobe Photoshop on a mega wall and allow the teacher to control them without losing quality.

Thanks to LanSchool, Galardi Media Network were able to build the worlds first photography school onboard a luxury cruise vessel where we have been running LanSchool for over a year without interruptions and the quality is unbelievable!

The students found LanSchool to be “magic” and the teachers use it daily to transfer data between the Macs and PCs in the class. I would definitely recommend this product for all schools and photography classes as well: in a word, LanSchool is simply outstanding! 

Mr Riccardo Galardi, Director of Galardi Media Network, Geneva, Switzerland.

Latest news

LanSchool Refresh Available Now

20th Mar 2019

ITS are happy to announce that LanSchool is now available to download.

ITS - LanSchool at Connect 2019

13th Feb 2019

ITS is pleased to be exhibiting LanSchoool at Connect 2019