Any activity that occurs such as web access, file and document activity as well as application usage are tracked, even on devices temporarily removed from your network.

Improve Productivity

Improve productivity by reporting on all network activity and understand what websites and programs may be distracting users.

Monitor Internet Activity

Be aware of internet usage by users during work time and take action.

Identify which documents are accessed

Identify which documents are accessed, modified or deleted as well as those that have been copied to external drives to highlight potential security breaches.

Record and categorise

Record all web access and categorise sites visited without infringing on privacy laws.

Instant messaging and chat Reports

Report on all instant messaging and chat services which can distract users from work they should be completing.

Monitor Applications

Accurately monitor all software applications on your network, run software inventory reports and highlight any that are unauthorised and could pose a security risk.

Schedule Reports

Schedule regular graphical or data reports to be emailed to managers or supervisors in PDF or CSV formats.

Monitor Attendance

Monitor attendance throughout your organisation by viewing total active time for users and when they logged on and off the network.

Rapid Return On Investment

Achieve speedy ROI through monitoring user productivity.

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What our customers say

Mirtrak already proved its effectiveness when it highlighted that one of our employees stole some important information and tried to accuse his colleague. Thanks to Mirtrak it made it possible for us to investigate immediately who was really responsible. I cannot imagine the working processes of any successful business not including Mirtrak.

Alicia Simons, Advance Systematics

Employee productivity has already raised by 50%. Not only that we are able to monitor the use of the information we handle as well as understand our employees' working habits on our computers which has identified unproductive activities.

Calin Ştefănescu Tjobs

It was essential for us to be able to monitor the efficiency and the productivity of all teams involved in separate development projects. After the first 3 months of implementing Mirtrak we already had 100% Return On Investment.

Örs Tamas, Lynx Solutions